Music education at KIS Seoul Campus enriches students’ lives with beauty and rigor. Our music program offers challenging, engaging, personally fulfilling, and creative learning for children. Creating and performing in music enables children to transfer abstract feelings, ideas, and inquiries to something tangible, in positive ways. Our music curriculum is based on the four artistic processes of the National Core Arts Standards from the United States: 

  • Creating
  • Performing/Presenting/Producing
  • Responding
  • Connecting

The KIS Seoul Campus music program articulates learning expectations that support students’ development as literate musicians through exhibiting the actual processes in which musicians engage as creative individuals. A standards-based education in music enables students to become increasingly fluent in music literacy and engage in practice to create and recreate music. This practice offers students opportunities to perform and respond to music. Students are able to connect, synthesize, and relate their new musical knowledge and personal experiences while deepening their understanding of the world as inquisitive and self-actualized lifelong musicians.

The music program offers several unique opportunities for students to grow in their musical knowledge as well as showcase their learning while further developing their performance skills. We offer twice-yearly music concerts for all learners and their parents, in the fall and spring of each school year. We also showcase students’ talents through the annual Talent Show, where everyone is welcome to join! Each spring, we also put on a School Musical with students as actors, stage designers, and stage crew. Furthermore, our Composer of the Month program gives families a chance to build the children’s musical repertoire at home, connecting to school experiences.