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KIS Seoul Campus Library is a place full of colors, not just the fun and colorful decorations around the library but also with the many books that deliver the messages of accepting and respecting different cultures, ethnicities, and perspectives. We believe that reading rich literature offers ‘windows’ and ‘mirrors’ into the world and its people, and helps children live  vicariously through the scenes and characters. This empathic lens offered by a rich library experience  helps our students to become true global citizens. 

We have over 10,000 books in our Seoul Campus Library, and counting! Our library is the hub of learning with our green screen room, comfortable seating, and learning manipulatives area. Starting from an early age, students at KIS Seoul Campus are offered regular library time through the Book-A-Day program. Through this planned access to rich literature, we witness many students growing up loving books. Students of various ages are often found carrying a book around with them, sometimes proudly reviewing the ones they have finished reading to their friends.

The KIS Seoul Campus library is a fun place to be, and we have several events throughout the school year that celebrating literacy and reading. Through our yearly Author Visits, we have met many wonderful authors from all around the world. During the Author Visit, real-life authors introduce their masterpieces, and interact with our students with the gaol of effectively engaging in literature experiences. Our students are also offered many opportunities to participate in reading competitions such as Battle of the Books, and other fun library activities throughout the year such as Reading Week.  Our library programs are inspiring and motivating for our students, as they grow to love and collaborate as lifelong readers. 

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