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Korea International School, Seoul Campus is committed to providing students with personalized learning experiences in a supportive learning community. Together with our students, their families and faculty, we have created a school climate and culture that thrives on creativity, collaboration, and excellence. We set the stage for students to pursue their passions and build their future in an ever-changing world.

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Parent Perspective

Insights from a Proud Parent:
Unveiling the Outstanding Highlights and Strengths of Our School.

“One point that sets KIS Seoul Campus apart from other schools is that there is not only a focus and emphasis on academics but also living a very balanced life, so it is growing our students not just to be smart but also to be very responsible future citizens of the world”

The KIS Seoul Campus Experience

Whether your family is looking for your child’s first school or considering a transfer, KIS wants you to imagine how you might fit here. We are proud of our community. We are proud of our commitment to an excellent international education, benefiting students at each grade level. We are proud of our students who take the challenge to live the KIS core values. We are proud of our alumni around the world, pursuing degrees at top universities and establishing careers to serve and change our world. Now is a good time to design your future.

Student Perspective & Voices

Student Voices

Specials! Friends! Outdoor learning! Seoul Campus students celebrate their school.

Reading & Writing Student Perspective

Reading is integral to the writing process. Fifth grade student Sei recognizes this. Here she offers her own learning experience.

Grade 2 Morning Meeting

Nawal loves morning meetings! She shares a favorite morning meeting activity for second graders.

Library: A Community Place

Take a peek at the Seoul Campus library, a resource that students, teachers and families enjoy. Our library houses over 10,000 books in English as well as mother-tongue resources in Korea, Chinese and Arabic. 

Transdisciplinary Units
Student Perspective

A Seoul campus elementary student explains how he learns by applying content from different subject areas to explore the transdisciplinary unit.

Music: Student Perspective

Third grader Alex shows you his musical experience at KIS Seoul Campus!

Teacher Perspective & Voices

Teacher Voices

Community! Collaboration! Spirit of inquiry! Seoul Campus teachers celebrate their school.

Early Childhood Education

At KIS Seoul Campus, early childhood students learn through a pairing of structured domains and exploratory play. Junior Kindergarten teacher Rachael MacMillan explains how she supports student growth by responding to her students’ interests.

Kindergarten Building Blocks to Reading

Michelle McCarthy loves teaching kindergarten! One of the challenges and joys of the kindergarten curriculum is teaching students to approach their reading journey with confidence.

Reading & Writing Teacher Perspective

Derek Marshall, Seoul Campus fifth grade teacher, tells how his students develop their ability to pull a strong summary from what they read.

Learning Math

Seoul Campus teachers recognize that math education is about more than memorized facts. Fourth grade teacher Jennifer Geronimo details the thought behind elementary math lessons

English for Speakers of Other Languages

Student support teacher Elizabeth Sames explains the purpose of meeting students where they are as they acquire language and literacy skills.

Grade 2 Morning Meeting Closing Circle Teacher Approach

Morning meeting sets the tone for the school day, bringing students and teachers together, while the closing circle concludes the school day with reflection and celebration. Second grade teacher Jerome Geronimo tells about this aspect of the classroom community.

Garden Project

Cultivating a Green Classroom, Bridging Education with Real-world Application.

Ms Maggie Gleeson, our first grade teacher, shares the vision for our community garden, as a place where students can apply what they have learned in class to the real world. Ms Gleeson is leading the way with students to develop a gardening programme where students have garden boxes, they will refurbish the hiking trails in our woodland outdoor learning area, develop a pollinator garden, as well as a compost and rainwater catchment system.

Transdisciplinary Units
Teacher Perspective

Fourth grade teacher Jennifer Geronimo shares the way a transdisciplinary unit comes together to meet standards, develop inquiry, and meet student interests.

Seoul Campus Environment

Seoul Campus Environment:

3rd Grade Teacher Jerome Geronimo and his students share how the class environment enhances student learning through features such as flexible seating, collaborative grouping, and tranquil lighting.


Ava Zang, Chinese and student support teacher, centers language learning on inquiry. She also believes cultural understanding enhances language acquisition.

Music Teacher Approach

Music teacher Mary Anne Zupan guides her students to make a musical sound, as individuals and an ensemble. More, Ms. Zupan believes musical expression communicates feelings.