Teaching Faculty

KIS teachers put children first. We are committed to our students’ personal and academic success in the classroom and in the world. KIS teachers provide a variety of learning experiences for our learners, including planning for transdisciplinary units of inquiry and project based learning. KIS teachers collaborate, take initiative, and demonstrate knowledge of their content areas. KIS teachers are valued by administration, parents and students.

Sharlene Carki


Esther Mackey

Grade 3

Kelly Hyun

Grade 1

Nina Espinosa

Student Support

Tiannan Song


Sarah Jones

Teaching & Learning Coach

Hannah Kim

Teaching Assistant

Derek Marshall

Grade 5

Heather Lillis

Grade 2

Aine Deasy


Seán-Óg McKiernan


Sydney Langford


Yehee Choi

EAL Teaching Assistant

Jiyeon Kim

Teaching Assistant

Steven Whitfield

Grade 4

Mollie Armes

Grade 2

Amanda Hunter

Junior Kindergarten

Karen Jung

Art / Design

Maria Patino


Hyesun Shin

Teaching Assistant

Yunsun Choi

Teaching Assistant

Adele Paisey-Bruce

Grade 4

Margaret Gleeson

Grade 1

Chris Rea

Science / IT

Yoon Hee Kim


Jennifer Stumph

EAL Specialist

Jiyoung An

Teaching Assistant

Sunmin Park

Teaching Assistant