Health Service

Health Service

KIS Seoul Campus offers the services of a full-time resident nurse. Students who are injured or become ill will be accompanied or directed to the school nurse. The nurse is also available to respond to health-related questions. Emergency care will be administered by the school nurse. Should the need arise for health-related care external to KIS, the school is located near Samsung Medical Center, Gangnam Severance Hospital, and several clinics.

Air Quality Policy

The nurse office monitors our local air quality using the Air Visual app and references the Gangnam-gu area, according the Board of Education guidelines. We monitor the air quality several times per day to determine whether students are able to safely engage in outdoor activities. The reporting times are listed below:

7:30 am – prior to student arrival

8:30 am – Prior to morning recess

11:30 am – prior to lunch recess

2:30 pm – prior to dismissal

Allergy Care Service

Parents must notify the school of any student allergies. The KIS school nurse provides allergy care services. The school nurse monitors our cafeteria menu with the cafeteria manager and makes plans for allergy-free meals, as needed. A protected list of students with allergies is shared with all KIS staff for continuous student safety.

Contact the Nurse

Hours : 8:00 am  –  5:00 pm

Phone : 02-3496-0528

Email :


Students may not self-administer medications while on school property. The administration of any medication for students, whether over-the-counter or prescription, requires written permission from a parent. Only the school nurse or another person designated by the school is permitted to administer medication to students during school hours.

Emergency Information

KIS requires current emergency medical and contact information for every student. Required up-to-date information includes name and contact telephone numbers (home and workplace) of both parents and telephone numbers of two persons responsible for the student in the case that neither parent can be reached.

If your child has any of the symptoms below, or been diagnosed with any of the diseases below, parents must keep their child at home. If a child becomes sick at school, the parents will be contacted and should come to school to pick up the child.

  • fever of 99.5°F (37.5°C) or above
  • diagnosed case of influenza
  • vomiting more than 2 times within the last 24 hours
  • uncontrollable diarrhea (3-4 stools per hour)
  • diagnosed case of strep throat
  • diagnosed, contagious forms of conjunctivitis (pink eye)
  • diagnosis of any communicable infections

Children should be free from fever for 24 hours without any antipyretics in order to return to campus. Any students who has been sent to home because of fever must be seen by the school nurse at the time of arrival, to ensure that the student is permitted to return to class.