Student Safety

KIS employs bus monitors for each school bus in addition to a driver. Our bus monitors ride on all buses and supervise students. Each bus is equipped with safety seatbelts for all passengers. Bus monitors help to pick up students at designated bus stops. Students must be accompanied by a parent/guardian at designated bus pick up and drop off points. All students are led to the bus by our bus monitors, to maintain safety while boarding and disembarking the buses. 

Bus Schedule

KIS buses arrive at school by 8:20 am in the mornings, and depart the campus at 3:10 pm for all Pre-K to Grade 5 students. Children who attend our After School Clubs will be bused home at 4:30 pm on club days.

School Bus Routes

  • Garak-dong -> Hellocity ->   Irwon-dong -> KIS
  • Jamsil Olympic I-Park Apt.  -> Jamsil-dong -> KIS
  • Seocho-4dong -> Yeoksam-dong -> Dogok-dong -> KIS
  • Wirye -> Suseo-dong -> Gaepo -dong -> KIS
  • Naebang Station -> Banpo-dong -> Seorae Village -> Woomyun-dong -> KIS
  •  Sinchon-dong -> Gaepo-dong -> KIS
  • Youngsan Station -> Itaewon-dong -> Banpo Xi Apt. -> KIS
  • Apgujung-dong -> Chungdam-dong -> Samsung-dong -> Daechi-dong -> KIS
  • Youngsan Park Tower -> Youngsan Garrison-> KIS

School Bus Reference

School Bus Application

Application for KIS bus service and confirmation of school bus location.


Contact: / 02) 3496-0526

Hello Bus Application

We use the Hello Bus application for the KIS school bus service. The Hello Bus application includes the following features:

  • Real-time map location of each designated bus
  • Push notification alarm which notifies users when the designated bus will arrive

Hello Bus Manual


Hello Bus Contact Information:
Telephone: 1661-7176


School Bus policy

All students and parents who are using the KIS bus service are required to follow the school bus policy noted below

Busing Procedures

Prior to start of the school year, parents who wish to use the KIS bus service must complete the Application Form (2023-24).

Please refer to bus line options to determine which bus to request.