The KIS Seoul Campus cafeteria partners with Kizmeal, our food service provider.

Founded in 2004 under the slogan of “healthy and affordable foods,” Kizmeal has grown over the last 15 years with experience in a diverse range of children’s food markets. Kizmeal specializes in eco-friendly child food services in a rapidly changing food environment. The Kizmeal mission to provide nutritious and balanced meals to children. While this may sound simple, Kizmeal takes this responsibility seriously. This is how Kizmeal has established a strong foundation over the years. Kizmeal is committed to providing safe, healthy, and balanced meals to KIS students through well-established and distinctive operating systems.

We promise to provide nutritionally well-balanced and safe food to all KIS students. The meals provided by Kizmeal are divided into nutritious snacks and lunches. Children may enjoy the international and halal options at lunch.

Should you have any questions regarding the KIS Cafeteria, please contact us at